Tales of one wargamer – part 2 –

Welcome to the second part of the series of articles in which I talk about how to start a new army for Beyond the Gates of Antares.

You can find the first part here.

I realized in my previous post the army list of 500 points it’s not very readable so better repeat it here in a better format. Every entry is the standard from the last version of the army list and I will note any extra choice beside the standard (so I will not repeat if the unit has reflex armor as a standard choice but I will note it when I choose it as an additional cost).

For each entry of the army list, I will add the picture of the models I painted from previous month shopping and some notes about the unit.

Boromites 500 points – Trukk Late Shift

Overseer Squad – 110 pts –

1 Overseer (Trukk) with Tractor Maul

2 Gangers

The Overseer squad is probably the best command units available for any army in Antares right now. The Overseer himself has Command 10, is leader 2 and has the excellent Plasma carabine has the standard weapon. Of course, the model has also a tractor maul and the hand to hand weapon is so characteristic of the Boromites that I have to take it.

With Strenght 6 as base, a plus 1 because it’s a hand to hand weapon, 2 attacks and SV 2 means even if the unit is not really a close combat specialist, they can do some damage, especially in small 500 games when every unit count


Gang Fighters Squad – 97 pts –

1 Gang Leader

4 Gang Fighters

I like gang fighters, they are not what shines in the Boromites army list but they fulfill an important role in the tactical slot and it’s long-range shooting. Any other choice in the tactical selection has a shorter range than this mag gun equipped unit.

Mag gun have an extreme range of 60″, a regular work gang maximum range is 30″ and even the limited choice Overseer squad with its plasma carabine has an extreme range of only 50″.  So nothing fancy but indeed a useful unit for a fair cost. And the models are great in my opinion!


Work Gang Squad – 108 pts –

1 Gang Leader with reflex armor

4 Gang Workers with r

And this is for me the quintessential unit of the Boromites, it’s the equivalent of the AI squad for the Algoryn or Strike Troopers for the C3. It’s the units that represent perfectly the Boromites background. These guys are hard workers, armed with mass compactors drills for their mining operations.

And the unit itself is quite strong, the mass compactor is a short range weapon with an extreme of 30″ but within 10″ they have SV 3 which is enough to obliterate units with good armor, they can even pin heavy drones and Ghar battlesuits. In the future, I plan to add a Borer drone which is going to give the unit an extra punch in close combat and a better flexibility in defense.


Shopping time!

Time to buy some more models, this month we have 30 pounds budget and 4 pounds left from the previous month. We still need three more units to complete our initial 500 points force:

Boromites Lavamites

Boromite team with X-Launcher

Boromite team with Mag Light Support

Unfortunately, the total cost of the three units is more than our budget so, for this month we’re going to buy one blister of Lavamites and the X-Launcher, this is going to be a total of 24 pounds and we will keep 10 pounds for the next month budget.

And also for this month it’s all, I hope you’re finding these articles useful to help you plan your next Beyond the Gates of Antares army!


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