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Tales of one wargamer – part 2 –

Welcome to the second part of the series of articles in which I talk about how to start a new army for Beyond the Gates of Antares.

You can find the first part here.

I realized in my previous post the army list of 500 points it’s not very readable so better repeat it here in a better format. Every entry is the standard from the last version of the army list and I will note any extra choice beside the standard (so I will not repeat if the unit has reflex armor as a standard choice but I will note it when I choose it as an additional cost).

For each entry of the army list, I will add the picture of the models I painted from previous month shopping and some notes about the unit.

Boromites 500 points – Trukk Late Shift

Overseer Squad – 110 pts –

1 Overseer (Trukk) with Tractor Maul

2 Gangers

The Overseer squad is probably the best command units available for any army in Antares right now. The Overseer himself has Command 10, is leader 2 and has the excellent Plasma carabine has the standard weapon. Of course, the model has also a tractor maul and the hand to hand weapon is so characteristic of the Boromites that I have to take it.

With Strenght 6 as base, a plus 1 because it’s a hand to hand weapon, 2 attacks and SV 2 means even if the unit is not really a close combat specialist, they can do some damage, especially in small 500 games when every unit count


Gang Fighters Squad – 97 pts –

1 Gang Leader

4 Gang Fighters

I like gang fighters, they are not what shines in the Boromites army list but they fulfill an important role in the tactical slot and it’s long-range shooting. Any other choice in the tactical selection has a shorter range than this mag gun equipped unit.

Mag gun have an extreme range of 60″, a regular work gang maximum range is 30″ and even the limited choice Overseer squad with its plasma carabine has an extreme range of only 50″.  So nothing fancy but indeed a useful unit for a fair cost. And the models are great in my opinion!


Work Gang Squad – 108 pts –

1 Gang Leader with reflex armor

4 Gang Workers with r

And this is for me the quintessential unit of the Boromites, it’s the equivalent of the AI squad for the Algoryn or Strike Troopers for the C3. It’s the units that represent perfectly the Boromites background. These guys are hard workers, armed with mass compactors drills for their mining operations.

And the unit itself is quite strong, the mass compactor is a short range weapon with an extreme of 30″ but within 10″ they have SV 3 which is enough to obliterate units with good armor, they can even pin heavy drones and Ghar battlesuits. In the future, I plan to add a Borer drone which is going to give the unit an extra punch in close combat and a better flexibility in defense.


Shopping time!

Time to buy some more models, this month we have 30 pounds budget and 4 pounds left from the previous month. We still need three more units to complete our initial 500 points force:

Boromites Lavamites

Boromite team with X-Launcher

Boromite team with Mag Light Support

Unfortunately, the total cost of the three units is more than our budget so, for this month we’re going to buy one blister of Lavamites and the X-Launcher, this is going to be a total of 24 pounds and we will keep 10 pounds for the next month budget.

And also for this month it’s all, I hope you’re finding these articles useful to help you plan your next Beyond the Gates of Antares army!


Battleground Europe – Scenario 1 – Airborne Night Fight

We had two tables at the club to play the first few hours of the day before the D-Day, when airborne troops, both Americans and British, were sent as spearhead to hold key locations in preparation of the D-Day.

This is the bunker complex assaulted by the British


And this is the French village, objective of the Americans.


The list for my Airborne & Glider troops platoon can be found here 

Only two paratrooper squads enter in the first turn, the night is dark, still the platoon is dispersed, they had an objective, the two squads are advancing one from north and one from the south.


Germans are everywhere in the village, the church seems to be the most difficult objective to conquer.



One of the squads of Germans grenadiers come out from the building, alarmed by the sound of SMG coming from the officers quarters.


From the south the light mortar team joins the other paratrooper squad


On the north, attracted b sounds of fighting, an officer and a half squad of glider troopers approach the village, suddenly finding themselves in front of a Germans squad, in a few seconds with the help of surprise, the German squad was eliminated.


The sniper team also join the fight, approaching the now empty building next to the church.


The paratrooper squad is attacked by the germans officers and it’s pinned!


The germans are now in alarm, they know the enemy is attacking the village from north and one squad of Grenadiers leave his position next to one objective and run towards the officer quarters where all the fighting noise is coming from.


The airborne sniper take position into the building


In the meantime the glider troops move towards the gate of the villa which is one of the objective, they are hearing sounds of movements by they don’t see anything.


The officer helps the airborne troop in rallying and the squad is now ready to assault the building protected only by a couple of Germans officers, but to be fair, they put up a hell of a fight!


And they finally conquer one objective.


On the south lot of movements with troops on both sides trying to reposition, but very little visibility and almost no shot fired at all


Finally the Germans veteran get out from the church and killed the light mortar team.


But it’s too late, the paratrooper squads surrounded another objective now only defended by a MMG


Last desperate attempt to remove the US from the objective by the Germans veteran, but unsuccessful.


The game is over, lot of casualties from both sides by the Airborne managed to take and hold two out of three objective, US victory!


Very fun game, the night fight rules are perfect for small skirmish like this at 500pts, probably too clunky to be used in a full sized game of 1000pts.

Also excellent scenario, excellent scenery provided by Eltjo with some great looking Sarissa precision building, in particular the church which is a fantastic model.

Next scenario in the campaign will be Glider Assault, perhaps I should get a couple of gliders…

And so it begins

I finally played my first game of Beyond the Gates of Antares. I tried the beta in the past but only as solo to test some mechanics, this was the first real game.
I organised the demo game at the club last sunday, Rogier decided to join me attracted by the predator looking Algoryn, my army of choice were the Boromites. Why the Boromites? But of course because they have the coolest weapon name since the invention of the Shuriken Catapult, the Mass Compactor!

I prepared the lists based on my collection, at the moment I think I have around 800-1000 points of Algoryn and Boromites plus the content of the special edition starter set. My objective was to create small, balanced forces with an eye to some tactics I knew I wanted to test, in particular the assault and the overhead shots. Also I wanted to try the drones but they have so many rules I was a bit scared, therefore I used only two of the basic type.

I like the way armies are chosen, with restrictions on the type and number of units based on the size of the battle and the limitation on  certain type of units, nothing new or too much different from other systems ma this feels logic and scalable enough.

Algoryn Army – 401 pts

I had very clear in my mind two things for the Algoryn: I had to include a X-Launcher (a mortar, favorite weapon in BA for Rogier) and I wanted to include some drones.
The commander selection was easy enough, the guy is tough, the whole squad can punch quite hard with the Plasma carabine (single powerful shot or rapid fire) and the “Follow” special rules was one of the special rule I wanted to try. The commander has already the leader ability that allow him to re-roll failed resistance test to ignore a wound but I also add a medic drone to give the re-roll to the rest of the squad, which is valuable because they are also armed with Plasma carabine.
Next choices are a unit of AI and one of AI assault. As options just a micro-launcher to the AI squad, for the rest all basic. Last choice is the support weapon X-Launcher, which for the occasion I loaded with all the extra munition possible and a spotter drone.

Bromites Army – 397 pts

For the Boromites I only knew I had to include Lavamites and a unit with Mass compactor (due to the sexy name!), so I tried to make a list more assault oriented. The Overseer team is pretty standard but I added a tractor maul for some hand to hand extra punch (yes, it’s the drill-like thing). The team is also armed with plasma carabine so quite effective and flexible. Next choice is a unit of Gang fighters, pretty standard mag gun troopers, and of course a Work gang with mass compactor and reflex armour. Lavamites units was my last choice, lead to battle by a Boromite handler armed with a Lectro Lash and a plasma pistol.


The main differences between Algoryn and Boromites, as I learned during the game, is that Boromites are less agile so less prone to do things like sprinting or even advance in difficult terrain, and they have less initiative, but more strength and a very good Command value of 9 for regular troops and 10 for commanders so even if quite specular the armies (4 units per side, 1 command, 1 core units, 1 assault-oriented unit and 1 more specialized unit) played very differently.

Characteristics really helps to differentiate the race and troops of the Antares universe, troops armed in the same way feels quite different according to the race, and this is a plus for me.

The game itself was quite standard, just a kill’em all scenario fought in a ruined small settlement with plenty of cover. I imagine the ruins were of a long time dead and forgotten civilization, a quite Gothic civilization I would say…

The game started with the Algoryn commander issuing a Follow me command, in which multiple units can move at the same time, Rogier decided to sprint with his assault units and take cover in the ruins. First interesting rules but also first confusion and manual checking, who can sprint? when? how? What about sprinting and then entering in a difficult terrain? All these cases are covered of course and actually it’s all resolved with a simple D10 check, however the first impact is tough, how is going to be this game if only for the first movement of the game we already have to check the manual and roll some dice?


It turns out it is not so bad after all, all the rules are extremely plausible, it is just counter-intuitive, for me, that for decades was used to roll high on a D6 to succeed, all the sudden I had roll low on a D10. I’m saying this not to criticise the game but to make clear that this system is not what the majority of sic-fi players are used to (40K players, I’m talking to you).
After a while all is clear and all the mechanics are somehow related to a D10 check, with modifiers. Modifiers and the critical/fumble (1 on a D10 or 10 on a D10) results are a lot and I’m sure they need time to be memorized. They are not difficult per-se, actually quite the contrary, they are logic and have lot of flavor (for example if you roll an agility critical while passing in difficult terrain the units find a safe passage in the area and while staying inside that area can move without penalties) but they are many and difficult to remember, perhaps a more complete reference sheet can help a lot here.
During the game we managed to try the assault rules, and they are majestic in my opinion. The lava mites assaulted the Algoryn assault unit, initially a short range firefight is fought simultaneously, if both units survive then a proper hand to hand combat start. Assault is lethal, and really good, nice weapons like the D-spinner or the lavamites attacks give flavor and open tactical options (should I take 2SV or +2 in Res from my D-spinner?).
At the end it was a massacre, but the leader of the Algroyn squad survived and the unit of lavamites has been completely annihilated.
Without specialized assault squads the rest of the game is mainly lot of firefight, interesting the reaction mechanics, very nice the Algoryn X-launcher (but we never used the special munition) and after a while we start to get used to the rules, roll low, modifiers, terrain, all seems to make sense.
The game ended at 6 turn with a draw, one unit lost per side, I probably expected the game to be more lethal but apparently we had a lot of good cover around so resistance checks were easy to pass. At the end I had fun (and also Rogier I think) and now I am quite eager to play again and try different weapons/combinations. I’m quite sure this game will not be for everyone, it is not simple, you have to remember lot of things and, at least for the first few games, the manual will be used often, but beside these points everything else is top. Rules are logic, fit the setting, are simple enough because one check is used for everything and it has lot of flavor, which is the most important thing to help narrate a story.

Now, let’s go paint those Mass Compactors!