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Crisis 2013 – Antwerp – Photogallery


Crisis 2013

All the beautiful stuff I bought at Crisis 2013 in Antwerp, later on I will post some pictures of the show, too bad I could not stay long because of the distance from Amsterdam, I honestly hope they will do a 2 days next year!



Blitzkrieg box, 30 germans soldiers

1 X German flamethrower 1X Panzerknacker

1X German bolt action order dices

2 pack laser cut wooden 60mm round bases

2 packs of green flock

1 Box Norman knights, 15 models

1 Death of Harold (my SAGA general)

1 Laser cut SAGA measurement tray and fatigue token (amazing)

1 Pack Normans SAGA dice

Grey Wolf for Flames of War

1X FoW Range finder

Wargames Illustrated 313