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Bolt Action Introduction

Bolt Action is a 28mm second world war miniatures game, published by Warlord Games written by Alessio Cavatore and Rick Priestly. Warlord Games is composed by a bunch of ex-GW guys and Bolt Action is marketed in a very similar way of others GW products, and that is very good because it is easy to collect a force.

I bought the amazing starter set:



In the box you can find the rulebook, 20 Germans, 20 US army soldiers some order dice and a nice ruined building.

I decided i will go for a German Army, the game is played at tournament with lists of about 1000 requisition points, of course i need to buy the Army of Germany supplement to field a proper army, but i can start already assembly and paint the troops following the basic lists in the rulebook. I have to say the miniatures look great but the diagrams to assembly them are useless and with all those small arms/weapons you really need to plan your modelling before ever think to glue something.

Anyway, i decided to divide my 20 men army into:

1 Lieutenant with 1 Veteran assistant

1 Sniper with 1 observer

1 Airstrike observer (rules for airstrikes seems very nice and i bought a 1\72 Ju87\D from Revell because i want to build and paint an airplane)

2 LMG + 2 assistant


2 Panzerfaust

7 Riflemen.

I am now trying some color scheme after i bought some Vallejo paints, this is a rifleman and the lieutenant:


And now, back to painting!