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1st Antares Day – Nottingham

A fantastic day spent in Nottingham. I got to play three games with great opponents, listen to Rick seminars, watching some fantastic scenery from Sarissa and chatting with the Mighty Tim! Great experience, glad to be part of this community. Oh! and by the way, I managed to end up 5th at the tournament! 🙂

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Beyond the Gates of Antares on Pre-Order!

Beyond the Gates of Antares is the new science-fiction skirmish wargame written by Rick Priestley (the creator of Warhammer 40,000) that pitches technologically advanced human civilizations into a conflict that no one can afford to lose.

I followed the creation of this new game since the Alpha ruleset, Rick had the good idea to share with the community Alpha and Beta rules.

The game seems to be similar to Bolt Action, truth is only the order dice and activation are common in the two games, Antares add several layers of “beliavable realism” (for a sci-fi game of course) starting by using D10 instead of D6 for a wider results matrix, some very interesting rules like the drones and most important a system of action-reaction which just fit right in a futuristic combat wargame.

Contents of the the Launch Edition starter boxed game are as follows…

  • Full colour 260-page hardback rulebook.
  • Quick reference sheet.
  • Getting started booklet.
  • 3 multi-pose plastic Ghar Battle Squad walkers.
  • 3 multi pose plastic Ghar Assault Squad walkers.
  • 20 multi-pose plastic Concord Strike Troopers.
  • 4 plastic Concord support drones.
  • 8 plastic spotter drones.
  • Strike Leader Kai Lek Atastrin metal figure.
  • 12 order dice.
  • Ghar distort dice.
  • 13 Polyhedral dice.
  • Launch Edition plastic templates and tokens.
  • 12 red plastic pin markers.

I’m very excited about this game, so much I already have two starter armies (Boromites and Algoryn) and I pre-ordered the basic set, which comes with several bonuses for pre-ordering at Warlord directly.

Below you can see all the goodies:

FREE GIFTS: When you pre-order directly from Warlord Games you will receive a personally signed art print of the box artwork from the game’s designer Rick Priestley, a PDF download of the Concord & Ghar army lists, the limited edition model of Fartok, Veteran Leader of Battle Group Nine, Unarmoured and now the Transmat Station from Sarissa Precision.

To pre-order visit Warlord Games