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End of the Year Game

A very nice game played between Germans (Me and Mark) and Americans GI’s (Rob) to celebrate the end of the gaming year.

Mission was Point Defence, scenario 3 of the Bolt Action rulebook and the Germans were attacking. We played quite a big battle at 1500 pts with two tanks per side. We were also using some house rules taken from the Bolt season 2 pack, in particular light machine guns cost is set at 5pts and transport can shoot while not transporting any unit.

This was my 750 pts army for the game:


Several machine guns, either in the squads or in vehicles, a Panzer III for some anti tank hitting power and a unit of veterans equipped to assault.

The Sherman’s dominated the first part of the game, slowing down the advance of my infantry


On the left flank Mark infantry was getting ready to assault the US objective, covered by a big farm


Sniper and MMG were covering the center of the battlefield


The Sherman destroyed immediately the command kubelwagen and the german sidecar


Germans responded advancing with both tanks,  my Panzer III and Mark’s Panzer IV


But the Sherman was not afraid and manage to destroy the Panzer IV


Opening is flank for a deadly Panzer III attack


With the Sherman out of the way it’s time for my infantry to assault the objective, the same is done by Mark’s veteran and the Germans managed to win the day!


A very close game! The Germans win the day because they’ve been lucky enough to have enough time (one more turn) to run for the objective after some nasty firefight between the Tanks and the infantry squads.

Fun game once again and a nice one to end the gaming year.


Algoryn AI – The Blue Devils

The moment I saw the Algoryn for the first time I immediately thought of Garrus from Mass Effect.

I wanted to paint my Algoryn like Garrus :

But then I realized I didn’t have enough contrast and decided to paint the weapons red, and give some white marks for the insignia.

Without realizing I painted the same color scheme of the classic Ultramarines….



At the end I’m not unhappy about the result, the armor still gives me the mass effect feeling and the squad is quite effective when deployed in nice scenery: