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American War of Independence from Warlord

It’s pre-Christmas month and probably wargaming companies have decided that huge boxes full of plastic miniatures are the way to go. After the Perry Twins  American Civil War , Warlord games is rebating with a huge box to start collecting the American war of independence:

Content of the box:

3 plastic Mounted Commanders
90 plastic British Infantry
30 Hessian Infantry
120 Continental Infantry
30 plastic Colonial Militia
3 plastic field guns (6 or 9-pdr)
1 Molly Pitcher
8 plastic Woodland Indians
3 plastic Casualty Figures
Full colour flags for each regiment
1 Laser-cut wooden blockhouse
1 Laser-cut wooden ‘snake’ fences
3 resin gun gabions

Who’s going to win the battle of the big boxes with muskets?

Pre-order here


Gates of Antares website!

Fresh new website for the upcoming Beyond The Gates of Antares, from Warlord game, designed by the “Lord of Sci-Fi” Mr. Rick Priestly:

Gates of Antares website

At the moment there is nothing really new from what we already knew, however I like the design and the fluff.

Soon we should be able to see also a series of videos starring Mr. Priestly explaining the mechanics of the game and the background.

Interesting stuff, I cannot wait to have my pre-order copy!