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1st Antares Day – Nottingham

A fantastic day spent in Nottingham. I got to play three games with great opponents, listen to Rick seminars, watching some fantastic scenery from Sarissa and chatting with the Mighty Tim! Great experience, glad to be part of this community. Oh! and by the way, I managed to end up 5th at the tournament! 🙂

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Crisis 2015

For the third year in a row I attended Crisis with some friends from the club.  We still don’t have an “official” presence as club but Jurjen this year challenged himself in demoing a game of Waterloo in 6mm. Challenge won and congratulations to him!


The rest of the motley crew was just happy to walk around the venue, buy lot of stuff, talk with people and admire the amazing tables full of beautiful miniatures and fantastic scenery.

I noticed a considerable amounts of tables with Bolt Actions games, and world war II seems to be the period of choice even if the theme this year was Waterloo. Another popular game seems to be Frostgrave, almost every stand was selling the rulebook or the miniatures from North Star.

But my excitement was all for Beyond the Gates of Antares, I finally could get my hands on my pre-order copy filled with all the nice extra goodies. What an amazing product! As my friend told me just after I bought the box: “You already have four armies of a game that is available from today!”. Yes, that’s how much I like it!

But I didn’t forget good old Bolt Action and especially a must-have Tiger I because….well, because a Tiger I is always a must-have. These are the goodies I carried home:


And now a nice gallery of picture from the show:

Gates of Antares website!

Fresh new website for the upcoming Beyond The Gates of Antares, from Warlord game, designed by the “Lord of Sci-Fi” Mr. Rick Priestly:

Gates of Antares website

At the moment there is nothing really new from what we already knew, however I like the design and the fluff.

Soon we should be able to see also a series of videos starring Mr. Priestly explaining the mechanics of the game and the background.

Interesting stuff, I cannot wait to have my pre-order copy!