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Orks vs Space Marines

Finally Epic Armageddon is back in all its glorious 6 mm scale.

A nice 2500 pts battle played today at club between me and Rob. A classic Orks vs Space marines with an overwhelming victory of the Emperor finest.

A very bad performance of the Orks which never managed to control the game, constantly under pressure by the shooting of the Marines and with the Stompa mob too slow to enter in the game on time to make the difference. Rob played very well by reacting on the Orks initial advance with sheer firepower, helped by the excellent Warhounds and an incredibly tough Assault detachment that managed to break the Orks big warband and kill the Warlord.

At the end of turn 3 everything was already lost for the Orks.

Fantastic game and great community which still update the rules. Epic Armageddon rules and Army list can be downloaded fro free here:


The tournament pack has everything, rules and army list.