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First game of Frostgrave – how to find a job to those nice Lord of the Rings miniatures


Frostgrave is a nice fantasy skirmish game, published by Osprey Games which reminds a lot the classic 80’s Dungeons & Dragons and has a campaign system that get inspirations from the classic GW games of late 90’s like Mordheim and Necromunda, but with much less bookkeeping.

I played my first game during last club day with Maarten, I used some of my old Lord of the Rings miniatures from GW, probably a bit over equipped and surely way more fancy dressed than a original Frostgrave warband would be, but in any case they served me well.

We played the basic scenario just to get a grip on the rules, which are not difficult at all but have several combination (spells for examples) which are not easy to remember.

The game was fast and deadly, casting spells is risky because you can lose hit points if you fail, but the effects when you succeed are usually very good, missile weapons are quite important in the game therefore it is suggested to have lot of terrains.

Objective of the game is to get your hands on treasures in form of tokens scattered in the map, however once the treasure is acquired it has to be carried out of the deployment zone and the carrier is encumbered leaving the warband with one man less, this probably gives a bit of advantage to full-members warbands that can afford to use one or more models to go treasure hunting.


At the end the warband of my Wizard Xandaras won the day, acquiring four treasures and putting out of combat both wizard and apprentice of Maarten, but my wizard ended the game badly mauled so it could have easily been the opposite.

Now I have enough experience to give some upgrade to my wizard, to take shelter somewhere in the ruins of Frostgrave, however I have to sell a lot of the useless scrolls that I founds in the treasure….

Next time we will try one of the scenario in the book.