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Antares Narrative Scenario – Escort

Two small scouting force were attracted by an unexpected transmat activation in the planet Tersis IV.

The Algoryn of the Blue Devils division, part of the 63rd Armoured Infantry had to face a small Boromites force, part of the Trukk Family.

You can read about this small skirmish here https://wargamesamsterdam.wordpress.com … gone-wild/

At the end the Algoryns managed to recover one of the rogue drones, the drone was badly mauled and almost lost all its memory but the Algoryn engineers put it in a stasis capsule for transportation to the fleet. Apparently a map of an uncharted system was found in the memory core and the map was clearly a Builders map. The system is close to the area of influence of the prosperate and seems to be a key system according to the map found. The possibility to find more Builders artifacts is high and the High command of the Algoryn will surely be interested in exploring the system.


The Algoryn engineers build a stasis capsule to transport the artifact safely, unfortunately the capsule is slow and needs to be escorted by a unit. In the meantime the IMTel found out about the artifact by interrogating wounded Boromites that were part of the small battle to recover the drone and they are now preparing an assault to the Algoryn position to recover the artifact. Time is running low, will the Algoryn manage to transport the capsule safely to the transmat? Or will the Concord Combined Command recover the artifact?


The game, played at Amsterdam6Shooters venue, Pontania, sees two C3 Commanders, Rob and Rogier, trying to recover the capsule with the drone from the hands of the Algoryn, lead by me.

The capsule is placed at 45″ from the transmat, in 6 turns the Algoryn have to cover the distance, only units within 5″ at the beginning of the turn can escort the capsule that can be moved up to 10″ if the unit escorting it move up to 10″. So the game will be quite difficult for the Algoryn. The concord will enter randomly from the side of the battlefield which is open field in the middle, where the capsule is transported.

Algoryn Army – 1000pts

IMG_4863 (1).JPG

Concord Army – 1000pts


Drone in a floating stasis capsule


The Battlefield. The Algoryn have to reach their outpost where a transmat is still functioning, at the end of turn 6 the IMTel nanodrones will manage to assimilate the transmat and make impossible for the Algoryn to use it.


The Algoryn commander is escorting the capsule


Infiltrators advance to cover the flank


A view of the battlefield at the beginning of turn 1IMG_4883.JPG

A Concord drone supported by a battered drone is the first concord contact with the Algoryn


And with a deadly shooting managed to kill the Algoryn commander, despite leader 3 and a medi-drone!!! Morale drops immediately for the Algoryn. It’s going to be tough


Algoryn light artillery enter the battle.


Algoryn reinforcement arrive, while another concord squad attacks from the opposite flank

IMG_4893 (1).JPG


More concord squads occupy the Algoryn outpost



Concord commanders busy giving orders to their troops


Apparently satisfied of the prompt response of their troops


AI squad Beta advancing to cover the capsule


Drop squad and another Drone enter the game




The Interceptor squad finally join the battle, immediately neutralizing one Algoryn X-Launcher

IMG_4922 (1).JPGIMG_4924.JPG

The assault squad run with the capsule in the middle of the battlefield, time is running short



Still far….too far….


The second Algoryn commander, leading a squad of Intruders, quickly destroy the interceptor bikes with a hail of mag repeater. There is still hope!


On the flank the infiltrators are pinned in a deadly firefight with drones and C3 strike squads.


The game is still on, but the Algoryn are too slow and the Concord have managed to occupy excellent positions to stop the Algoryn advance



After some heavy shooting from the Concord the capsule is isolated, nobody can reach it on time


With two squads too far to reach the capsule, two turns to go, and only a maximum of 10″ of movement available out of the 15″ needed, we realize the Algoryn cannot win, the IMTel will be able to assimilate the transmat before the capsule can be teleported to the Algoryn fleet.


The Concord at the end of the battle, firmly hold both the Algoryn outpost and the Transmat. Now it’s time to bring back the drone in the capsule and investigate the map it holds. The IMTel, once again, cannot fail, the two commanders chosen for the task both survived the battle and completed the task.


What a game! What a game! Really, that was fantastic, rules start to flow very well now, the scenario was very fun, kudos to Rick. I worked very hard to prepare scenery and make two balanced lists with all those nice models, worth it, every minutes!

From tactical point of view I think I could have used my Intruders better, I should not have cared about the C3 bikes, I should have sent them to escort the capsule. Also, I probably played too safe the infiltrators by going down all the time to avoid the combat, at the end I managed to block the flank but not enough and the drones made some damage to the units escorting the capsule.

Well, lesson learned for the next time.

The Concord will now bring back to their base the drone, where a Nu-Hu is waiting to join with the core memory and learn everything about this system, the Xilos system.

But the Algoryn now wants revenge, and let’s not forget the Boromites family of the Trukk’s now knows for sure that drone is important if the IMTel wants it so badly.

Maybe the Concord will have to start fortify the base because those two factions are ready to recover the drone at all costs.


Drones Gone Wild

We had some fun a couple of weeks ago with the narrative scenario The Rogue Drones, from the rulebook. Harm and Rob came to my place where I’m slowing building up a 4’x 4′ table with a sci-fi jungle theme, to get ready for the Xilos campaign which probably will be ready by this spring.

Armies were Algoryn and Boromites at 500 pts , it’s difficult to find out there reports of Antares without the armies of the basic set so I hope this will help spread some love also to Algoryn but especially to my favorites Boromites.


Game start with the Algoryn “Blue Devils” bombarding with X-Launcher and advancing towards the drones with Commander and Assault squad.


Unfortunately for the Algoryn commander one of the drone is not very happy to see intruders and its damaged defense protocol decide this strange creatures have to be eliminated.


On the opposite side also the other drone doesn’t seems to happy to see those giant rocky humans advancing. The work gang is severely mauled by the Plasma light support of the drone.


The Algoryn reinforcement just arrived in the form of two AI squads


Casualties are piling up for both sides, Rob & Harm didn’t play shy, they both advanced constantly to capture the drones, survivors of the assault squad successfully captured a drone and managed to pacify it


In the meantime Algoryn reinforcements and Boromites lavamites were advancing on the left side of the battlefield.


With a bold assault the units of lavamites annihilated Algoryn assault squad and also managed to recover on of the drone, unfortunately they were alone and almost surrounded by the Blue Devils


They try to escape with the drone towards a gang ready to support them, but the AI is implacable and completely destroyed the unit of lavamites, the drone is free once again.


The Algoryn feel the victory is in their hands and to cover the squad carrying the other drone they decide to assault the last of the Boromites which cannot really stand the fury of the AI.

The Algoryn manage to recover the drone and win the day!

Again a super fun game with lot of movements, fights, and bold moves from both sides. Rules are now flowing very well, after the third game, still nobody cared to use different munitions for the X Launchers, too much excitement and willing to go for it instead of tactical choices, but I guess it happens in the heat of the battle. Both Harm and Rob liked the game and the models, not enough to convince them to put aside Bolt Action for the moment but….the time will come and in the meantime…. I have enough armies for everyone!

End of the Year Game

A very nice game played between Germans (Me and Mark) and Americans GI’s (Rob) to celebrate the end of the gaming year.

Mission was Point Defence, scenario 3 of the Bolt Action rulebook and the Germans were attacking. We played quite a big battle at 1500 pts with two tanks per side. We were also using some house rules taken from the Bolt Action.net season 2 pack, in particular light machine guns cost is set at 5pts and transport can shoot while not transporting any unit.

This was my 750 pts army for the game:


Several machine guns, either in the squads or in vehicles, a Panzer III for some anti tank hitting power and a unit of veterans equipped to assault.

The Sherman’s dominated the first part of the game, slowing down the advance of my infantry


On the left flank Mark infantry was getting ready to assault the US objective, covered by a big farm


Sniper and MMG were covering the center of the battlefield


The Sherman destroyed immediately the command kubelwagen and the german sidecar


Germans responded advancing with both tanks,  my Panzer III and Mark’s Panzer IV


But the Sherman was not afraid and manage to destroy the Panzer IV


Opening is flank for a deadly Panzer III attack


With the Sherman out of the way it’s time for my infantry to assault the objective, the same is done by Mark’s veteran and the Germans managed to win the day!


A very close game! The Germans win the day because they’ve been lucky enough to have enough time (one more turn) to run for the objective after some nasty firefight between the Tanks and the infantry squads.

Fun game once again and a nice one to end the gaming year.