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1st Antares Day – Nottingham

A fantastic day spent in Nottingham. I got to play three games with great opponents, listen to Rick seminars, watching some fantastic scenery from Sarissa and chatting with the Mighty Tim! Great experience, glad to be part of this community. Oh! and by the way, I managed to end up 5th at the tournament! 🙂

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6Shooters WW2 Campaign – Easy Company



US 101st Airborne Division patch.svg

101st Airborne Division “Screaming Eagles”

Distinctive unit insignia of the 506th Infantry Regiment (United States).svg

Easy Company / 2nd Battalion / 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment,_506th_Infantry_Regiment_(United_States)


US Army Airborne Rifle Platoon –  World War II – 39/51 men

Platoon HQ = 7

– 2 Officers

– Platoon Sergeant

– Sergeant Guide

– 3 Messengers (1 RTO)

2-3 Rifle Squad X 12


Mortar Squad = 6 (1 X 60mm mortar)


This is what I will play in the Amsterdam 6 Shooters WW 2 Campaign which we will play following the BA Battleground Europe book. We will not only play Bolt Action, any WW2 ruleset is allowed, Chain of Command, Flames of War, Nuts! and so on.

First game will be Airborne Night Fight.

My list for the game

3rd Platoon – Easy Company – Scenario 1 – 

And these are my progress in painting, still 18 paratrooper to go …


My 2nd Lieutenant yelling orders


An HMG to be used as MMG


Sniper Team


Small squad of Glider Troops to support the para


Ready for the night fight!