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Dragon Rampant first game

I had a game of Dragon Rampant, which uses the same core rules of Lion Rampant but in fantasy style. I used my Lord of the Rings Uruk Hai against Arjen that was using some very nice old models (fantastic Troll and Barlog!)

The rules are so flexible to accomodate perfectly two very different set of models.

In this scenario the Gnolls were pillaging a Hobbit farm, they surrounded them and were getting ready to eat them all, but Saruman was actually passing by with his warband of Uruk Hai to take some of the pipe-weed this particular farm was very famous for!

Gnolls are deployed around the tall stone were all the hobbits are waiting their destiny, the forces of Saruman enter the fields from south and east.




the Uruk Hai advance


Yeenoghu advance ready to charge the Uruks


Two! Never an order was executed with more pleasure!



But after exchanging blows is clear the Gnoll god cannot beat the Offensive Uruk


In the east, Trolls, scouts, Uruk bellicosi and Saruman are trying to get the upper hand


Trolls are pushed back by the Bellicosi


And the gnolls scouts are destroyed!


But they are then charged by the Trolls, and run from battlefield


In the north Uruk and Gnolls are getting ready to clash!


Saruman is trying to sneak behind the farm but Yeenoghu intercepts him


But the powerful wizards kills the god and is now a menace for the gnolls


A combination of spell from Saruman and charge from the Uruk and the gnolls are defeated! The hobbits (the ones that didn’t get eaten by the hungry Gnolls) are safe and Saruman can now get the pipe-weed he wanted and leave the rest of the hobbit as snacks for his Uruk hai!


This Dragon Rampant is a very nice little game, playable with any collection of fantasy miniatures and of course, historical medieval or ancient if Lion Rampant is used.

The game was very fun and quick , in less than 1,5 hours it was over. Really nice and fun!


Battleground Europe – Scenario 1 – Airborne Night Fight

We had two tables at the club to play the first few hours of the day before the D-Day, when airborne troops, both Americans and British, were sent as spearhead to hold key locations in preparation of the D-Day.

This is the bunker complex assaulted by the British


And this is the French village, objective of the Americans.


The list for my Airborne & Glider troops platoon can be found here 

Only two paratrooper squads enter in the first turn, the night is dark, still the platoon is dispersed, they had an objective, the two squads are advancing one from north and one from the south.


Germans are everywhere in the village, the church seems to be the most difficult objective to conquer.



One of the squads of Germans grenadiers come out from the building, alarmed by the sound of SMG coming from the officers quarters.


From the south the light mortar team joins the other paratrooper squad


On the north, attracted b sounds of fighting, an officer and a half squad of glider troopers approach the village, suddenly finding themselves in front of a Germans squad, in a few seconds with the help of surprise, the German squad was eliminated.


The sniper team also join the fight, approaching the now empty building next to the church.


The paratrooper squad is attacked by the germans officers and it’s pinned!


The germans are now in alarm, they know the enemy is attacking the village from north and one squad of Grenadiers leave his position next to one objective and run towards the officer quarters where all the fighting noise is coming from.


The airborne sniper take position into the building


In the meantime the glider troops move towards the gate of the villa which is one of the objective, they are hearing sounds of movements by they don’t see anything.


The officer helps the airborne troop in rallying and the squad is now ready to assault the building protected only by a couple of Germans officers, but to be fair, they put up a hell of a fight!


And they finally conquer one objective.


On the south lot of movements with troops on both sides trying to reposition, but very little visibility and almost no shot fired at all


Finally the Germans veteran get out from the church and killed the light mortar team.


But it’s too late, the paratrooper squads surrounded another objective now only defended by a MMG


Last desperate attempt to remove the US from the objective by the Germans veteran, but unsuccessful.


The game is over, lot of casualties from both sides by the Airborne managed to take and hold two out of three objective, US victory!


Very fun game, the night fight rules are perfect for small skirmish like this at 500pts, probably too clunky to be used in a full sized game of 1000pts.

Also excellent scenario, excellent scenery provided by Eltjo with some great looking Sarissa precision building, in particular the church which is a fantastic model.

Next scenario in the campaign will be Glider Assault, perhaps I should get a couple of gliders…

6Shooters WW2 Campaign – Easy Company



US 101st Airborne Division patch.svg

101st Airborne Division “Screaming Eagles”

Distinctive unit insignia of the 506th Infantry Regiment (United States).svg

Easy Company / 2nd Battalion / 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment,_506th_Infantry_Regiment_(United_States)


US Army Airborne Rifle Platoon –  World War II – 39/51 men

Platoon HQ = 7

– 2 Officers

– Platoon Sergeant

– Sergeant Guide

– 3 Messengers (1 RTO)

2-3 Rifle Squad X 12


Mortar Squad = 6 (1 X 60mm mortar)


This is what I will play in the Amsterdam 6 Shooters WW 2 Campaign which we will play following the BA Battleground Europe book. We will not only play Bolt Action, any WW2 ruleset is allowed, Chain of Command, Flames of War, Nuts! and so on.

First game will be Airborne Night Fight.

My list for the game

3rd Platoon – Easy Company – Scenario 1 – 

And these are my progress in painting, still 18 paratrooper to go …


My 2nd Lieutenant yelling orders


An HMG to be used as MMG


Sniper Team


Small squad of Glider Troops to support the para


Ready for the night fight!