Drones Gone Wild

We had some fun a couple of weeks ago with the narrative scenario The Rogue Drones, from the rulebook. Harm and Rob came to my place where I’m slowing building up a 4’x 4′ table with a sci-fi jungle theme, to get ready for the Xilos campaign which probably will be ready by this spring.

Armies were Algoryn and Boromites at 500 pts , it’s difficult to find out there reports of Antares without the armies of the basic set so I hope this will help spread some love also to Algoryn but especially to my favorites Boromites.


Game start with the Algoryn “Blue Devils” bombarding with X-Launcher and advancing towards the drones with Commander and Assault squad.


Unfortunately for the Algoryn commander one of the drone is not very happy to see intruders and its damaged defense protocol decide this strange creatures have to be eliminated.


On the opposite side also the other drone doesn’t seems to happy to see those giant rocky humans advancing. The work gang is severely mauled by the Plasma light support of the drone.


The Algoryn reinforcement just arrived in the form of two AI squads


Casualties are piling up for both sides, Rob & Harm didn’t play shy, they both advanced constantly to capture the drones, survivors of the assault squad successfully captured a drone and managed to pacify it


In the meantime Algoryn reinforcements and Boromites lavamites were advancing on the left side of the battlefield.


With a bold assault the units of lavamites annihilated Algoryn assault squad and also managed to recover on of the drone, unfortunately they were alone and almost surrounded by the Blue Devils


They try to escape with the drone towards a gang ready to support them, but the AI is implacable and completely destroyed the unit of lavamites, the drone is free once again.


The Algoryn feel the victory is in their hands and to cover the squad carrying the other drone they decide to assault the last of the Boromites which cannot really stand the fury of the AI.

The Algoryn manage to recover the drone and win the day!

Again a super fun game with lot of movements, fights, and bold moves from both sides. Rules are now flowing very well, after the third game, still nobody cared to use different munitions for the X Launchers, too much excitement and willing to go for it instead of tactical choices, but I guess it happens in the heat of the battle. Both Harm and Rob liked the game and the models, not enough to convince them to put aside Bolt Action for the moment but….the time will come and in the meantime…. I have enough armies for everyone!


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